lorisa stein ma, llb

Lorisa Stein focuses her family law practice on the negotiation of family law issues. Her clients favour using the Collaborative Process, enabling her clients to craft a private custom resolution to their individual family needs.


Lorisa Stein needed a new website and a team of reliable, knowledgeable web professionals to help her maintain it, and attract more visitors.

Her original site was outdated, and her previous web company was not responsive at all, making it difficult to change or update the site quickly.


Working very closely with Lorisa, we redesigned her logo, chose new colors and re-developed her business identity to better reflect her personality and methods of practice.

The website reflects these changes, and updates, when required, are handled in a matter of hours.

The inclusion of a simple Wordpress blog also means that when new articles or information is available, she can quickly post it on her site.

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